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Activities Of Injection Mould Inserts
Goodyear Mold Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 12, 2016

Some with side hole and the side convex, and concave of plastic pieces, for example, solid 4-4 by shows plastic pieces internal has local raised, some plastic pieces Shang has thread hole or outside thread, due to plastic pieces of special requirements, mold hard with side to pumping core institutions to achieved side to pumping core, can will forming parts design into activities set block, in open die Shi with plastic pieces with moved out die outside, again through Yu workers or simple tool makes activities set block 4 plastic pieces phase separation, in Xia once injection zhiqian, again will activities set block enemy mold in the. Injection mould with active Rong, eliminating the angled-Guide, slider design and manufacture of complex structures, die structure, Congress reduced the manufacturing cost, in particular, with side core-pulling mechanism cannot be set in certain situations. The drawback is the low production efficiency, operations security, unable to automate production. Threaded plastic molded parts, with thread core or threaded ring, thread spool and insert ring is activities.