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Injection Mold Processing Drive Several Ways
Goodyear Mold Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

  Injection mold processing drive several ways

  The driving and driving force (punching force, mold clamping force, material hammer weight, squeezing force, etc.) of the injection mold processing movement are provided by the transmission mechanism of the forming machine and the equipment.

  Electromechanical drive:Injection mold such as punching machine, friction press, roll forging machinery, etc., are provided by the motor power and rotary motion to drive the transmission mechanism, and through the slider and die movement part of the connection movement to drive the mold directional movement, And the driving force applied to the mold, the mold on the material forming process.

  Electro-hydraulic drive: that is, through the injection molding motor to drive the hydraulic pump or pump to produce hydraulic and hydraulic pressure, and through the liquid hydraulic transmission and control system to produce a certain rated pressure to drive the mold part of the movement (such as moving mold) connected to the hydraulic Cylinder or piston,Injection mold driving the movable mold relative to the fixed-mode to carry out the movement of the translation, and then further compression of the material, the material after forming into a workpiece

  Pressure forming; mainly used for plastic and blow molding process, that is, when the mold is in a fixed state, the air pump to produce a certain negative pressure will be directly attached to the plastic sheet on the mold surface, the formation of parts, blow molding It is through the air pump to produce a certain pressure of the gas, blowing hot melt plastic parts or hot melt glass parts blank cavity, to expand, deformation,Injection mold and attached to the mold cavity surface, the formation of parts.

  In addition, the injection mold processing, such as aluminum alloy profiles, plastic profiles, sheets or films, are generally used extrusion process. The mold is fixed in the nose, the material in the form of extrusion through the mold,Injection mold the relative movement of the mold made of various parts. If the plastic profile is to rely on the non-stop screw out of the machine screw movement, the plastic squeeze into the mold and through the mold of the surface, the cooling stereotypes. The extruded profile is pulled forward by the traction mechanism for continuous forming.