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Injection Mold Processing Is The First To Add Plastic Into The Mold
Goodyear Mold Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

  Injection mold processing is the first to add plastic into the mold, and then along the vertical axis of the mold to rotate and make it heated, the mold in the gravity and heat under the action of the gradual uniform coating, Injection mold melt adhesion to the cavity of the whole On the surface, the shape of the required shape, to the preparation of cooling and stereotypes.

  Rotational molding process and the traditional blow molding, injection molding process compared to the following advantages:

  1, the cost advantage: Rotational molding process only requires the strength of the rack enough to support the material, mold and rack its own weight to prevent the material leakage of the mold clamping force; Injection mold and the material throughout the molding process, in addition to the role of natural gravity Outside, almost without any external force, which is fully equipped with the mold processing and manufacturing convenience, short cycle, low cost advantage.

  2, the quality advantage. Molding process products throughout the production process, due to no internal stress, product quality and structure more stable.

  3, flexible and more advantages. Molding process of the mold manufacturing convenience, low prices, Injection mold it is particularly applicable to the development of new products in a variety of small quantities of production.

  4, personalized design advantages. Rotary molding process products can easily change the color, and can be hollow (seamless welding), Injection mold the surface treatment can be done on the pattern, wood, stone and metal effects to meet the modern social consumer goods Of the individual needs.

  The use of the process to produce the products are: fuel tanks, water tanks, mechanical shell, fender and so on. The main substitutes are metal parts and fiberglass products.