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Injection Molds Are Used In Thermoplastics
Goodyear Mold Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

  Injection molds are used in thermoplastics

  1.1, practical range: injection molds used in thermoplastics such as ABS, PP, PC, POM, etc., and thermosetting plastics such as phenolic plastic, epoxy plastic, etc. are used rubber mold;

  1.2, injection mold classification:

  According to the structure: two plate mold, three plate mold

  By the nozzle: a large outlet, point outlet, hot water outlet

  1.3, injection mold structure

  A, forming parts: that is, we usually say before and after the mold CORE, but also with the product contact the most closely the site;

  B, pouring system: molten plastic from the nozzle to the cavity of the flow channel can be divided into: the main channel, shunt, gate, cold material wells;

  C, guide system: to determine the front and rear mold when the relative position of the mold, the general guide column, guide sleeve, the necessary circumstances, the top part of the need to guide the column, guide sleeve positioning;

  D, stripping structure: the plastic parts from the mold out of the device, the cable slot mold commonly used are: thimble, roof, Secretary tube;

  E, the temperature regulation system: to meet the injection molding process on the mold temperature requirements, in the front and rear mold added cooling waterway;

  F, lateral classification and lateral core: when the plastic parts that are inconsistent with the stripping direction of the structure must be inconsistent with the use of row, the common form: slider, sloping roof, core pulling;

  G, exhaust structure: There are two common types of exhaust: exhaust slot, forming parts gap. In order to exclude the air in the cavity during the injection molding process and the gas generated during the molding process, the exhaust groove is often provided on the parting surface. The principle of setting the exhaust groove is that it should be as large as possible when the flash and pimple are not affected. The needle, thimble, inserts are the use of forming parts clearance exhaust.