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What Are The Good Ways To Buy Automotive Parts?
Goodyear Mold Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

  What are the good ways to buy Automotive Parts? How to choose the most suitable for the most cost-effective Automotive Parts, here, to recommend the following tips to help you choose the best Automotive Parts: loss should be returned.

  1, to see the original packaging packaging packaging is generally more standardized, unified standard specifications, printed handwriting clear and formal, and counterfeit products, packaging and printing relatively poor, often can easily find the flaws from the packaging;

  2, see the color of some of the original parts of the original designation of a certain color, in case of other colors, compared to fake and shoddy spare parts;

  3, look at the appearance of the original parts of the original printed or cast characters and marked clear and formal, and counterfeit products appear rough;

  4, to see the paint businessmen will be illegal parts of the simple processing, such as demolition, equipment, fight, Minato, paint and other treatment, and then posing as qualified products for sale, illegal access to high profits;

  5, to see the original texture of the material is designed according to the design of qualified materials, counterfeit products are mostly cheap and cheap materials used;

  6, look at the poor appearance of the process sometimes though good, but due to poor production process, prone to cracks, sand holes, slag, burr or bumps;

  7, see "storage" Automotive Parts if there is chaos, oxidation, discoloration or aging and other issues, may be stored in the poor environment, storage time is long, the material itself is poor and other reasons;

  8, see "joint" if the clutch plate rivets loose, Automotive Parts brake leather degumming, electrical parts joint desoldering, paper filter septum off the phenomenon, you can not use;

  9, to see some of the regular parts marked with some markings, such as when the gear mark, the piston mark the top of the assembly mark, used to ensure the correct installation of the machine, no can not buy;

  10, to see the lack of regular assembly components must be complete in order to ensure a smooth loading and unloading vehicles and normal operation. Some of the pieces on the pieces of small parts missing, usually "parallel imports", which to the loading difficulties. Often due to the shortage of individual accessories, resulting in the entire assembly components scrapped;

  11, to see the protective layer in order to facilitate storage, to prevent the parts bump, parts have a protective layer before the factory. Such as bushings, the size of the bearing, the piston, valves, etc. Automotive Parts are generally protected with paraffin, so as not to damage the surface, these important accessories, if the surface without protective layer, mostly "parallel";

  12, see some important parts of the document, especially the assembly class, such as carburetor, distributor, generators, etc., the factory with a general instructions, certificate, to guide the user to install, use and maintenance, if no such Fake and shoddy products;

  13, see specifications to buy Automotive Parts, Automotive Parts to identify the main technical parameters, special technology to meet the requirements. Some fake and shoddy products look and the real thing is almost the same, but installed up is not appropriate, either big or small point, use is always not satisfied, and leave the hidden trouble.